Women Deserve A Personal Board Of Directors

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What do I mean, you might ask?

Think mentor, but more extensive and focused. It is a group of people with specific skill sets. As soon as I knew I aimed to be a media executive, I started building my board. I knew that I would need skills and relationships in certain areas based on my career goals, so I recruited a network of people who had the skills, particularly those that were not my strongest. I knew I would benefit from being able to tap into their knowledge and learn from them.

My board consisted of men and women with finance, human resources, legal, public relations, and operations. Our relationship was never overly one-sided; I would reach out no more than quarterly to request something I wanted to learn or where I needed guidance. It was a mutually beneficial relationship and I was always appreciative of their time, I shared with them and their peers how valuable I found their insight, and I offered to help them in return.

Since my board was composed of people more senior than me, most of what they were seeking in return was my insight as a young professional woman on their companies products, marketing strategy, or sending outstanding job candidates their way. These relationships were beneficial to my professional development and my confidence. I always had a knowledgeable team supporting me every step of the way. You too can build your board. What are the disciplines where you would benefit from extra support and guidance along your career path?

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