What does it take to be a fearless leader?

Kim Martin
2 min readJun 10, 2021


“Fearlessness is the mother of reinvention.” -Arianna Huffington

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What does fearlessness look like?

We define fearlessness as the ability to resist conformity when it goes against our beliefs, the determination to reject limitations placed on us. Fearless people don’t spend much time hesitating about making decisions because they do not fear the unknown.

What makes a fearless leader?

Fearless leaders are bold. They make decisions motivated by their values. They don’t doubt themselves, and they don’t cave to guilt or external pressure; instead, they have confidence. They have faith in themselves and are willing to take a risk and make a mistake. They don’t fear failure; instead, they know that they will fail at times but are eager to step forward to move their business or their lives in the right direction. Even better, they bounce back from failure fast! I love working with fearless leaders because they are open to direct and honest feedback. They don’t take it personally; instead, they see it as a learning opportunity.

Think of famous fearless leaders in history, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, and Catherine the Great. They were guided by their values and “doing the right thing.” Or take it even further and think of the fearless people you’ve met or that you admire. What qualities do they possess that inspire you? What is stopping you from embodying the strength and the confidence that you aspire to demonstrate? Consider the Arianna Huffington quote above. YOU can reinvent and reclaim your inner power fearlessly. Let’s consider how you can cultivate your fearlessness?

  • Know your values and what you stand for
  • Have confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Manage your emotions so you can stay calm and make good decisions
  • Trust that everyone has good intentions
  • Be transparent with your team
  • Be accountable even when things don’t go well
  • Reflect and learn from your mistakes

Embrace this list, and be prepared to rock as a fearless leader! Be courageous, which may require doing the opposite from others to break free from society’s expectations.

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