The difference between Elon (or any billionaire) and me

Spoiler: There’s no difference at all! Just kidding, but sheesh, I wish…

As we all have undoubtedly noticed, Elon Musk is regularly in the news, most recently through the announcement that he is now the largest shareholder of Twitter. I was pondering…I have done amazing things in my career, but I’m not a billionaire. Why?

I’ve started asking myself, “What would Elon, Jeff, or Oprah do?” These billionaires have active imaginations. They think big, believe they can achieve their dreams, and go for it. They faced adversity and rejection, yet pushed through. They not only create companies — they create industries!

Sure, some came from places of formidable privilege, some were self-made, and others were somewhere between. But, the mindset of these billionaires strikes me as a never-say-never attitude at its core, and we could all learn something from it! Let’s break down the elements of bringing bigger-than-life dreams to reality.

Dreaming Big Vs. Managing Small

Where have I missed the boat? I realize that I always thought about my life and achievements based on what I perceive as ‘manageable’ for me. In using that as my lens, I often think too small. I have limited myself and my potential with my belief system.

But, what if I changed my perspective? No dream is too big, anything is possible, and most importantly, it is okay to make mistakes. With this new perspective, what could I achieve?

When you start from the mentality of anything being possible, you allow yourself to see the end goal, the North Star, without any obstacles in the way. Breaking down the steps to getting there will be that much clearer.

For example, say you dream of starting your own fashion line. Rather than think about how you can’t afford the fabrics or materials or studio space and begin by limiting yourself from the start, instead think: What do I WISH to create? Maybe you want to do a collection of silk pieces, but finances/time/resources seem to stand in the way. Once you set your sights on the ultimate goal, you allow yourself to explore the options of getting there — Are there sponsorships you can apply for? Loans you can take out? Mentors you could consult with? Never let your perceived limits block you from your potential.

How could you make this mindset shift work for you and your dreams? What would it take for you to change your perspective? What would be possible for you? If we don’t try, we will never know the success and life we could have.

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