Focus On The Long Game

Kim Martin
2 min readMar 7, 2023

I enjoy reading Seth Godin’s blogs because he takes something simple and writes about it in a way that causes me to think about my life and career differently. Here’s a quick example…

An event or a journey?

They’re easy to confuse.

An event happens at date certain, then it’s over, nothing more to be done.

A journey might include an event, but it’s bigger than that, and ongoing.

A wedding is an event, a marriage is a journey.

The week a book is published is an event, while the creation, publication and lifespan of the ideas in the book are a journey.

The focus and energy we lavish on events can easily distract us from the journeys we care about.

Seth Godin

Now let’s put this in perspective for your professional life.

A promotion is an event — something exciting to be celebrated. And we all want the promotion, but getting to the point of receiving that promotion is a journey. It requires an ongoing commitment to outstanding work, being a team player, and learning and growing until you are ready for the big event, a promotion.

In your career, it’s important to enjoy and appreciate the events, but also to hold onto the momentum of the journey. You know where you aim to be, at least a general idea. When you start each day by realigning with that intention, you’ll see how a focus on the journey will help drive you towards your goals.

In fact, your career journey continues well after each promotion, and ultimately provides purpose and happiness for your entire professional life, unlike the occasional promotion. Stay focused on what matters — your career journey.



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