Change Nothing, Nothing Changes

Kim Martin
Nov 30, 2023

In a recent spin class, the instructor was working to motivate everyone to increase their speed and heart rate. She said, “Change nothing, nothing changes.”

Days later, I’m still thinking about it…

Change nothing, nothing changes.

It’s a simple, yet powerful, reminder that transformation needs action. It’s about breaking away from routine and embracing the discomfort of change.

We all give lip service about how we want our lives to be different. Maybe it’s adjusting our mindset, adopting healthier habits, or taking a leap into something new.

Real change begins with that first step — the choice to step out of the familiar. Are you ready to challenge yourself and embrace the change you long for?

What changes are you willing to make to create the life you want?



Kim Martin

A thought leader in the areas of executive leadership, change management, and women in the C-suite.